With the increasing need for residential dwellings and decrease in, in-town industrial industry, this site purchased by Teign Housing was once a industrial warehouse within the traditionally heavy industrialized area of Newton Abbott, once plans were accepted our client Galliford Try Partnerships were appointed as the main contractor to demolish the existing building and construct a 3 and 4 storey block of residential apartments.

Given the tight access and restricted footprint of the site a self erecting tower crane was soon seen as the only, safest way to handle materials around the site. Our recent addition to the hire fleet, a  Terex CBR32 self erecting tower crane was in this case the chosen crane for the job. Working on a shortened jib length of 28.4m sited in the parking area of the site, the crane gives full site coverage allowing the client to distribute materials to all of the build area. With the crane positioned at  the rear of the parking area and its minimal footprint of 5mx5m this also allows delivery vehicles to park on site to be unloaded, therefore eradicating any disruption to the public highway and also any public interference throughout all of the lifting operations.

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