Installed last week our 35m Mantis Self erecting tower crane is now on site for the next 3 months to aid P A Bott Construction Ltd to create a poured on site concrete footbridge of which will span across the new A391 as part of the Carluddon Road Improvement scheme. Working together with the main contractors, Cormac and P A Bott, from day one a Self erecting tower crane was by far the best, safest and most cost effective means of material handling for the project, cutting down on labour and also other plant costs. Situated on a compacted hardcore base of which will eventually be a verge the crane not only gives a reach over the entire bridge and carriageway but it also allows the carriageway to remain open,  giving access through the site. Due to the tight program the crane, being on site 24/7 also gives the customers the flexibility to use the crane whenever they want of which will help to work with the weather to meet targets and also saves time in de-rigging and re-rigging on a daily basis.



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